21) Sick & Healthy Religion


21.01 Baron dHolback Quote

21.02 Brainwashed or Converted

21.03 Do Women Have A Prayer

21.04 Good News For The Tolerant

21.05 Have We All Been Hijacked

21.06 Honor Crimes

21.07 Intolerance Swaddled In Faith

21.08 Is Religion Bad For You

21.09 Islamic Fundamemtalism

21.10 Quotations Mainly On Religious Tolerance

21.11 Quotations on Religious Tolerance

21.12 Religion and Violence

21.13 Religion Can Help End War

21.14 Religious Addiction

21.15 Review of Ten Telltale Sings of Sick Religions

21.16 Scholar Denounces Hijackers of Religion

21.17 Smashing the Idol of Religious Superiority

21.18 Teaching For Tolerance

21.19 Tolerance vs Love

21.20 Traits of a Healthy Spirituality

21.21 Universal Declaratioin of Human Rights

21.22 Voltaire and Schutz

21.23 When Religion Becomes Evil

21.24 Why Do Religions Teach Love and Yet Cause So Much War

21.25 Will We Ever Stop Killing Each Other

21.26 William James Quotes

21.27 You Can Get Bitter or Better

21.28 Evil In Any Form Is the Enemy